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This funding is to deliver the UK government’s Horizon Europe guarantee.

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The UK government has announced a new scheme that guarantees funding for successful applicants to the first and second wave of Horizon Europe grant awards regardless of the outcome of the UK’s efforts to associate to Horizon Europe.

The guarantee is a short term measure intended to address the delays in formalising the UK’s association to Horizon Europe. To provide reassurance, the government has guaranteed funding for the first two waves of eligible, successful applicants to Horizon Europe, if they are unable to sign their grant agreements with the EU.

This funding route is for collaborative research and innovation calls under Pillars 1, 2 and EIC calls under Pillar 3. ERC and MSCA calls are being routed through the Joint Electronic Submissions (Je-S) system. N.B. KICs 2022 activities are being routed through a separate IFS competition template.

Funding type

Horizon Europe Guarantee

Project size


Who can apply

You will be eligible to register with UKRI for the Horizon Europe guarantee through this route if you are a UK-based organisation which has been successful through a Horizon Europe call in scope of the first or second wave of the guarantee. For the consortium-style grants, you must remain a partner on the project and be listed on the Horizon Europe grant agreement as an Associated Partner.


The list in the Horizon Europe guarantee guidance identifies the Horizon Europe calls included in this funding route.
16 May 2022
Competition opens
No submission deadline
This is open-ended competition and applications can be submitted at any time.

Before you start

How to apply

What we will ask you

The application is split into 3 sections:

  1. Project details
  2. Application questions
  3. Finances

Project details

Give your project’s title, start date and duration.

Start Date: You must enter a date in the future. If your project has already started at the time of submission to UKRI, there is a question later in application process where you can provide the actual start date. The Grant Offer Letter will be issued listing the actual date as the project start date and using the duration entered here.

What Horizon programme and call have you been successfully evaluated for?

Please select below the Horizon Europe competition in which you have been successful.

Application questions

For these questions you will require:

  • the whole Horizon Europe grant agreement including the signatures of the project coordinator and the Commission
  • part A of the proposal evaluated by the EC including budget table
  • further information on any changes to your institution’s assigned tasks and budget during the grant agreement preparation process
  • a completed IFS conversion tool, which can be found here

Tell us where your organisation is based

Your organisation must be based in the UK or a British Overseas Territory.

Participating organisation project region

You must select from the multiple choice answers the region in which your project is primarily being carried out.

Application Reference number

Enter the 9-digit reference number from your Horizon Europe application.

You must upload as an appendix your whole final Horizon Europe grant agreement. This is a mandatory upload and failure to include this will delay your application.

UK Funding contribution applied for (GBP)

Enter the amount of funding you have applied for in GBP pounds; this must correspond to the Requested EU contribution to eligible costs, applying a maximum exchange rate of £1: €1.160354.

You must upload as an appendix Part A of your Horizon Europe proposal evaluated by the EC, including the budget table.

You must also upload as an appendix a completed IFS conversion tool, which can be found here.

Both documents are mandatory attachments and failure to upload them will delay the progression of your application.

Have the tasks assigned to your institution changed significantly since the original application?

If your assigned project tasks have changed in the process of finalising the EU grant agreement, leading to a reduction in budget requested, you will need to submit supporting information describing:

  • what has changed
  • any consequent changes in budget request to UKRI from that originally applied for

Please note that if we believe insufficient explanation of any changes in the associated budget have been provided with your submission, we may ask for additional information to verify the UKRI grant amount.

We will not accept any increase of budget from that originally applied for.

Will you, as a UK institution, be employing PhD students as part of this project?

You will need to state if you have budgeted for any PhD students, how many and how much funding is allocated to them in total.

If no PhD students are being employed add ‘Zero’ as your answer to this question.

Project finances

Please enter your applied-for costs in GBP.

This must be calculated for each fund heading using the IFS conversion tool supplied.

Contact us

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Innovate UK is committed to making support for applicants accessible to everyone.

We can provide help for applicants who face barriers when making an application. This might be as a result of a disability, neurodiversity or anything else that makes it difficult to use our services. We can also give help and make other reasonable adjustments for you if your application is successful.

If you think you need more support, it is important that you contact our Customer Support Service as early as possible during your application process. You should aim to contact us no later than 10 working days before the competition closing date.

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